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Online Student Admission

When you apply to Point, you will join a community committed to your success. Whether you are a high school student considering college for the first time or a working adult seeking an education that enables you to move up in your career or start a new one, Point University will work with you to enter the online program that is the best fit for your educational and professional goals.

Are you ready to apply? To be considered for admission to Point University, you must fulfill the admissions requirements below:


To apply for admission to a fully online undergraduate program a person must:

STEP 1: Submit Online Application
STEP 2: Submit Transcripts from All Previously Attended Schools
If you have more than 12 transferable college credit hours, you do not need to submit your official high school/GED transcript. However, if you have less than 12 transferable college credits when you apply, your official high school transcript is required and must be submitted in a sealed envelope by your high school counselor or registrar.

You may mail or email your official transcripts to:

Transcript Processing Center
851 Trafalgar Court
Suite 420 West
Maitland, FL 32751


STEP 3: Complete the FAFSA
Visit to complete the required forms online.


To apply for admission to one of Point’s online master’s programs, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree and fulfill the admissions requirements below:

STEP 1: Submit Online Application
STEP 2: Submit Official Academic Transcripts
Submit official academic transcripts from every college or university previously attended. Official transcripts must be submitted directly to Admission Office.

You may mail or email your official transcripts to:

Transcript Processing Center
851 Trafalgar Court
Suite 420 West
Maitland, FL 32751


Students who graduated from non-U.S. or non-English-speaking institutions must provide Point University with a certified translation of transcripts and course descriptions, as well as a detailed and comprehensive transcript evaluation.

STEP 3: Submit a Résumé
Submit a résumé that documents volunteer or professional experience. Include contact information (name, telephone number, email address) for two professional references who can speak to your character, ability, and readiness for graduate studies.

For Master of Transformative Ministry applicants, at least one reference should be a minister or spiritual mentor who can speak to your spiritual maturity and readiness for advanced ministry studies.

STEP 4: Submit a Well-Written, 1-3 Page Admission Essay
The 1-3 page essay should include:

  • A brief self-introduction
  • Reasons for pursuing the chosen master’s degree at Point University
  • Education, professional and personal experience that have shaped the decision and prepared you for graduate studies
  • Personal life and career goals, and how master’s studies will help accomplish those goals
  • Christian commitment, church involvement, and ministry experience (applies only to Master of Transformative Ministry applicants)
  • Any additional information you may wish to provide the Admission Committee as it considers the application
STEP 5: Submit Evidence of Higher Level Skills
Submit evidence of higher level communication skills, team work, continuous research, critical thinking and decision making. Evidence could include one or more of the following:

  • Samples of academic or professional research and writing ability, such as research papers, published articles, sermons, or work products.
  • Professional licensures, certifications, training experiences, awards or achievements
  • Official scores for standardized tests*, such as the:
    • Graduate Record Examination
    • Graduate Management Admissions Test
    • Miller Analogies Test
  • If English is not the applicant’s first language, demonstrate English speaking and writing proficiency.

*Standardized tests are not required for admission but may be submitted for evidence of skills.

For more information, contact us at 844.671.5839 or