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Students pursuing a Child Development degree have many career options, all of which can be soul-enriching and have a positive, lifelong impact on the children with which they work. A Child Development degree can open doors to educational and civic leadership, either at home, in one’s neighborhood, or as part of the broader global community.

Child Development Careers

What Can I Do With A Child Development Degree?

A Child Development degree from Point University helps pave the way for a rewarding career guiding children through significant milestones of early life.

Associate Degree in Child Development

What Can I Do With A Child Development Degree?

Point’s Child Development degree program explores the basics of human development in both body and mind. It includes study of early childhood education and relevant social and cultural concepts from related disciplines.The Associate of Child Development degree from Point University can also be a stepping stone to further educational opportunities, including Point’s Bachelor of Child Development degree. Students are also eligible for the Early Education Teacher Certificate from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development

Point University also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development, which includes more in-depth exploration of a child’s physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive needs, helping future professionals see children as individual learners, each with a unique makeup of needs and strengths in the classroom.Bachelor of Child Development degree graduates are prepared for the same professional opportunities as those with an associate’s degree, but at a higher level as primary educators, supervisors, or caregivers. They may also apply for the Early Education Teacher Certificate from ACSI, as well as for Lead Teacher positions in Georgia preschools.

Career Outlook for Child Development Degree Holders

  • Careers in child development are in demand and expected to continue at an impressive growth rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the growth rate of these professional positions as faster than average.
  • Preschool and child care center directors: 63,800 positions in 2012, compared to an anticipated 74,700 positions in 2022
  • Preschool teachers: 438,200 positions in 2012, with tremendous anticipated growth to 514,600 by 2022
  • Kindergarten/elementary education instructors: 1,519,700 positions in 2012, and a staggering 1,708,100 positions expected to for the year 2022
  • Training and development specialist: 222,800 positions seen in 2012, and 264,200 expected by 2022
  • Social/Community service managers: 372,700 positions in 2012, expected to grow to 454,400 positions in 2022

Online Degree Programs at Point University

At Point University, advanced learning for an adult student returning to college is enriched with a blend of faith and virtual classroom lessons. We are here to help answer your questions about our e-classrooms, admissions process, or online degrees. After classes start, never hesitate to seek assistance from your instructor, department chair, or the many other student support services we offer with specific or general questions about a course or program

What Programs Does Point Offer in Hybrid Format?

If you’re an adult who is considering going back to school, consider a flexible, engaging, and interactive online program at Point University. We look forward to speaking with you about how our programs can help you reach your professional goals. Call or email us today to find out more about which of our programs can help you earn the credentials you need to for academic and professional success.