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Even though you’re back in school, your summer break probably looks little like it did as a child. Maybe you take some beach weekends or shuttle your kids back and forth to the pool, and fireworks on the 4th of July are always fun. But by and large, summer may feel like just a hotter version of the rest of the year for adult students at Point University, who often continue schooling throughout the season. Summer school doesn’t have to be a bummer, check out how to make the most of it with these great tips! 

Summer School Tips

Even so, adult students can channel some of the relaxation and summer fun they see around them to aid their studies. Surprised? Don’t be. It turns out that taking a little time to do things for yourself can boost both your well-being and your GPA. Try these four feel-good tips this summer, and see for yourself!

 1. Really Relax

During summer, try to do a little less. It turns out that rest isn’t a luxury; employees’ productivity improves when they take short, frequent breaks throughout the day, and long-term rest like summer break is thought to work the same way. So this summer, take a true vacation. Allow yourself to relax and move through your days more slowly. You’ll see the benefits quickly!

2. Read What You Like

While you’re flexing your intellectual muscles, don’t forget to read a good pleasure book outside of class. Studies show that reading has significant cognitive benefits like improved short-term recall. If you want to take a look at summer reading for self-improvement, Point has some suggestions … but picking up some light beach reading is also good for you!

 3. Write for Yourself

The benefits of essay writing go far beyond earning that A. Expressive writing, or journaling about your thoughts and feelings, actually has physical health benefits! Like reading, writing keeps your brain engaged with the world in ways that help you during school. But it also allows you to process the stress you may feel from juggling so many responsibilities. And that improves your health in concrete, measurable ways.

4. Hit the Beach!

Believe it or not, fun in the sun can be good for your grades. Purdue University found that students who exercised regularly in the school gym had significantly higher GPAs than those who didn’t. Swimming in the ocean or at the pool is one common summer exercise option, but even walking around the block a few times gives you a brainpower boost!