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Advances in technology, employment trends, and global economic shifts have placed new demands on graduates with business degrees. But these same challenges present opportunities for more rewarding, sustainable professional opportunities through creative pursuits such as entrepreneurship, self-employment, and even starting one’s own small business.

Small Business Owner | What Are the Benefits?

The question for business graduates to ask is: what are the benefits of being an entrepreneur? It’s a chance to be your own boss, though many entrepreneurs will admit even that has its limits. For many, it’s the opportunity to enter an exciting, high-growth industry and work in a field for which they have particular passion and interest. Additionally, entrepreneurs report greater work/life balance, freedom to work in different locations and travel, and, from a business perspective, enjoy the transparency and simplicity of  the employment and organizational structure.

More People are Taking the Entrepreneurial Route

An increasing number of American workers are taking on these challenges, and many are reaping rewards. Fast Company magazine reports that, as of May 2015, 15.5 million Americans were “self-employed,” that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One factor driving this growth is the rise of freelance movement, and the host of online communities making possible these entrepreneurial connections. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in their Monthly Labor Review, further details that “More than 53 million Americans are now earning income from work that’s not a traditional 9-to-5.” Of the available American labor force, that’s almost one-third of workers!

Business Ownership can Create an Amazing Future

Let’s be clear: being an entrepreneur is not easy. Many of the benefits previously listed may not be realized immediately, or without significant time, work, and sacrifice. After steady work is established, an entrepreneur may reduce work hours to devote more time to family, community-focused endeavors, or other business projects. Additionally, those who start small businesses have the opportunity to build a business that their children and family could own and operate for generations. Remember: such household names like Wal-Mart, Enterprise, and Carnival Corporation are examples of successful family-owned companies.

Similarly, companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft started as small businesses built upon the ideas of hard-working, risk-taking entrepreneurs. But, to gain the skills and experience necessary to build the next great company, entrepreneurs need a firm foundation. A business-related degree from Point University is a great way to get that.

Business Administration Program at Point University

Point University offers an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. Plus, Point is excited to announce a brand new Master of Business Administration and is scheduled to begin in Fall 2016. Think you don’t have time to go back to school in the midst of a career and family? Point can assist you through their Hybrid and Online programs, through which you could earn your undergraduate or graduate business administration degree at a pace that fits your busy lifestyle.

Point’s business graduates work hold various careers, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, or managers in established organizations who recruit, train, and retain quality staff members for their organizations. Other business administration jobs include business analysts, executives, consultants, and coaches for other managers and executives. The key is to combine your business education with a chosen field and industry about which you’re passionate.

If you have been considering the need to improve your business skills and education, then contact Point University today to discuss how we can help you reach your goals. We’ll tell you all about both our classroom and online undergraduate and graduate degree programs. We offer the unique benefits of small class sizes, personalized academic support, real time interaction with peers and instructors, and educational technology to help you complete your degree, your way, in a supportive, faith-based academic environment.

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