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Do you find yourself drawn to people? Are you often in the position of mediator during family conflicts? Are you a good listener — the kind of person your friends count on to lend an ear and offer support? If so, a Bachelor of Science in Human Relations from Point University could take your natural talents and point them in the direction of a flourishing career. You’ll develop the skills you already have, and acquire new ones that will prepare you for a variety of career paths in a number of different fields. 

Human Relations Career Opportunities

Point knows that the world needs compassionate, empathetic people who are trained to serve others through their leadership. A Human Relations degree prepares students  to do just that. Studying Human Relations could put you on many different paths in the human services and social services sectors, particularly paths that take you toward a counseling career. Students could also enter related service fields like teaching, community organizing, or non-profit work.

What skills will you learn as a Human Relations student? When you finish your degree, you’ll be able to:

  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of an integrated, Christian worldview and the role of believers in the Body of Christ in the social and behavioral sciences field.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of individual and social dynamics and ways to address human and social needs.
  • Prepare for a rigorous graduate course of study in social and behavioral sciences field (e.g., Counseling, Psychology, Criminal Justice, etc.).

But that’s not all. Classes like ‘Biblical Resources for Counseling’ and ‘Counseling Diverse Age Groups’ prepares students to help others through particularly tough times. ‘Interpersonal Effectiveness’ and ‘Conflict Management’ classes will allow students to develop and utilize strong skills in communication practices and dispute resolution to any job environment, making them invaluable employees in general.

Where does that leave you after graduation? The truth is: nearly anywhere you want! The skills you’ve acquired as a Human Relations student transfer to any of a number of jobs or careers — this flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of the HR course of study. Your journey may take you to any of a number of places, and a Human Relations degree can help you in many of them.

In particular, a Human Relations major could become:

  • A Christian school counselor. This challenging, rewarding field combines the best aspects of ministry and education: helping young people through their educational journey and their life in Christ.
  • A director at a food bank. You could work with community resources to help feed those in need and show them the love the Christ showed us, via your management and interpersonal skills.
  • A youth leader at a church. What could be more rewarding than guiding young hearts and minds through their growth into adulthood?
  • Behavior Health Agencies and Social Services.  You will be the catalyst for ensuring the safety and well-being of children and families in the homes, schools, and communities.  The helping skills learned in the Human Relations program will afford you many opportunities to support children and families holistically.

Your Human Relations degree at Point University could be the start of a brand-new career, or allow you to perform more effectively in your current position. Either way, you’ll find the opportunities for growth and joy professionally, spiritually and personally.