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Point University offers online bachelor’s and associate’s degrees in Christian Ministries. But what exactly will you learn from the courses you take during these programs? What kinds of work will you be prepared to do when you graduate? If you want a fulfilling career where you bring glory to the Lord and spread his Word, a degree in Christian Ministries is your first step. Point University’s Associate of Arts degree in Christian Ministry (AACM) is the first half of the bachelor’s degree program, and will give you the foundational knowledge necessary to pursue a career in this field. With classes like ‘Biblical Interpretation,’ ‘The Life of Jesus,’ and ‘Acts of the Apostles,’ you’ll gain plenty of knowledge about the specifics of the Bible – as well as the historical context in which it was written.

Christian Ministries - more than just biblical knowledge

But a good leader needs more than biblical knowledge. You will also learn about how to grow your church and generate support for your ministry, how to preach effectively, and how to counsel those around you. Working in church or ministry environments requires one to wear many different hats, and classes at Point go beyond the words in the Bible to explore how these lessons can be applied today.

There are many aspects to religious leadership, particularly if you are interested in working within the Church. In addition to gaining a thorough knowledge of the historical background of the Old and New Testaments, students will learn about the day-to-day aspects of running a Christian organization. Classes like Accounting & Finance for Church and Administration & Leadership in Ministry give Point graduates the concrete skills they’ll need to succeed in their chosen careers.

Once you’ve received your bachelor’s or associate’s degree in Christian Ministries, what are you qualified to do? If you are willing to serve, counsel, advise, and guide others, your opportunities are endless! Think about your passions; what gets you fired up? What do you think are society’s biggest issues? Look for nonprofit or Christian organizations that work to solve those problems. Whether you’d like to be the director of a no-kill pet shelter, the manager of a domestic abuse hotline, or a leader in the fight against human trafficking, you will be equipped with the ability to educate, persuade, and communicate passionately and effectively.

Many Point University graduates continue their studies in this field. You may wish to go to seminary and eventually become ordained, or perhaps you want to get a graduate degree in Biblical Studies or Theology. A career or a calling is necessary in life, and there’s no better way to spend your days than serving and helping others. An education at Point University can give you the tools to use your profession to better the world in the name of the Lord.