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Innovative, problem solving, critical thinking and people management skills are hallmarks of talented business leaders. Organizational success depends on innovation. In fact, the Harvard Business Review shares that successful business administrators must build a strategy that ensures an innovation investment.

Gaining the right tools to think innovatively are just a few takeaways that address the question, “What can you do with a business administration degree?”

Business Administration Degree Jobs

More options regarding what can you do with a business administration degree include adding versatility to projects that you work on, increased earnings, broader job opportunities, a deeper understanding of global corporate policies, and field expertise. Leading jobs for business administration majors include marketing managers, operations research analysts, IT managers, financial advisors, and business executives, including chief executive officers.

Jobs that fit a business administration degree pay above average salaries. U.S. News and World Report says that marketing managers earn approximately $123,200 a year, while operations research analysts earn $74,630 a year. IT managers and financial advisors earn $123,950 and $75,320 a year respectively. These jobs were among the top 25 jobs of 2015.

Growth in jobs for adults with a degree in business administration are expected to be above the norm, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Operations research analysts are expected to experience a 19,500 job growth and financial advisors are expected to see 60,300 new jobs open in their field. IT and marketing managers may experience job growth of 50,900 and 22,900 respectively.

Furthermore, coordinating administrative functions, managing projects, directing staff, and analyzing data are key deliverables included among what can you do with a business administration degree. A desire to help others achieve and even move beyond their current performance levels is a plus. Passion to help an organization, including churches and ministry based organizations, fulfill client needs is another element that successful business administration majors possess.

Industries that you could work in with a business administration associate degree or bachelor degree range from education, ministry, healthcare, energy, and nonprofit to financial services, technology, transportation, and manufacturing. It’s this type of versatility that attracts thousands of business administration majors to undergraduate programs, such as those at Point University, each year.

Earning a Business Administration Degree

Universities generally do not require new students to possess a business background to start taking classes. A business administration degree digs into topics like effective thinking, financial accounting, communications, marketing, statistics, and macroeconomics, allowing for cross career efficiencies. This may explain why the degree is used to bridge a stalled career to an expanding career.

Depending on the policies where you work, you could use the degree to meet promotion criteria. By concentrating on a minor that directly relates to your job, you could also increase the likelihood that your new skills and knowledge will help meet the needs of the organization for which you work for.

Benefits aside, earning a degree in business administration requires commitment, focus, and strong time management skills. If you work full-time, your best option may be to start with an associate degree or attend school part-time.  Work life balance could be achieved through an online business administration degree.

Mobile applications, web based portals and digital research tools are the gateway to virtual learning, allowing you to complete and submit class assignments from work, home, or a local cafe. As a full-time employee, you could also register to attend class part-time. Seriously consider whether you will have the time to travel to classes after work two or more days a week or if taking classes from home on a part-time schedule is best for you.

It generally takes two years or less to complete the associate degree program. Universities have online tools that you can use to assess your preparedness to pursue a degree, especially an online degree. If you’re currently employed, check with your employer to see if you can take advantage of their tuition assistance program. Learn more about online business administration degree at Point University.