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The number of working adults interested in pursuing a degree continues to make headlines. The reasons for this may vary: corporate reorganizations and layoffs on one hand, and a commitment to earning an income as part of a more meaningful and fulfilling career on another. Schools such as Point University are building unique programs to meet the changing needs of these nontraditional students. Point’s Hybrid Program is a hybrid platform that offers degrees through a combination of part-time, on-campus courses, as well as online classes for those with busy lives.

Better Hybrid to Higher Hybrid Distance Learning

What does being a “nontraditional student” mean? According to the National Center for Education Statistics2, one way to define the term is a degree-seeking student over the age of 24 who postponed college after graduating from high school for some reasons, including to take on the responsibilities of being a parent or starting into a longer-term job or career. The Association of American Colleges and Universities reported that, as of 2011, these adult learners “constitute a significant proportion of the undergraduate student body.”3

Through Point University’s Hybrid Program, adult students interested in pursuing a degree part-time can enroll in courses that are fully online or that are completed through a combination of online and classroom instruction. Depending on the specific degree, the student may be able to transfer up to 30 credit hours from a previous institution toward an Associate degree at Point, and up to 90 credit hours  into some of its bachelor’s level programs.

What Programs Does Point Offer in Hybrid Format?

Hybrid Program at Point University

Point University is a fully-accredited, not-for-profit, Christian university that incorporates faith and spiritual development into each of its courses and degree programs. We want each student, regardless of their age, to have the opportunity to be part of our our rich campus life and an atmosphere of spiritually driven higher learning.

Contact us today to learn more about the unique benefits associated with the Point’s Hybrid Program, specifically our small class sizes, personalized academic support, real time interaction with peers and instructors, and the flexibility of taking classes online or at one of our six campus locations.

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