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The chance to earn a higher wage may be a reason why some adults are going back to school, even if they have to take part-time online college courses to balance work, school and family. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in fall 2015, 7.6 million students attended college part-time.1 The Pew Research Center also reported that college graduates continue to earn more than their peers without degrees.

Millennials, people born after 1980, who had at least a bachelor’s degree and who usually worked a full-time job in 2012, earned a median annual income of $45,500.2 Their peers who had attended college but who didn’t earn a degree earned a median annual income of $30,000. Having only a high school diploma made millennials’ annual median income drop to $28,000.

Road To A College Degree For The Non-Traditional Student

Hybrid Distance Learning | Point University

Due to their busy work and home schedules, part-time distance learning may be the best option that some non-traditional students have to earn a degree. But, the students need support from their families, employers and from their school.

In order for adults working full or part time to earn a college degree, post secondary schools must provide resources and also understand the needs of these students, even while they take online courses. The American Association of University Professors shares that, “Giving students the opportunity for meaningful one-on-one interactions with their professors is also critical to fostering a supportive campus culture, and such interactions may be particularly beneficial to working students.” 3

Point University’s Hybrid Program 4 is designed to offer students support from faculty, staff and peers. Class sizes are small to allow for more focused interactions. Hybrid distance learning or online classes are available for the adult who attends college part-time, or full time. Although the curriculum is rigorous, challenging students, adults enrolled in the Hybrid Program have the option to take one course at a time. As many as 19 different undergraduate degrees are part of Point University’s Hybrid Program.

Point University Hybrid Programs, Including Online Options

Hybrid Program at Point University

Hybrid Distance Learning | Point University

Point University is a fully-accredited, not-for-profit, Christian university that incorporates faith and personal development into each of its courses and degree programs. We want each student, regardless of their age, to have the opportunity to be part of our rich campus life and an atmosphere of personally driven higher learning.

Contact us today to learn more about the unique benefits associated with the Point’s Hybrid Program, specifically our small class sizes, personalized academic support, real time interaction with peers and instructors, and the flexibility of taking classes online or at one of our six campus locations.

Call or email us today to find out more about which of our programs can help you earn the degree that best fits your needs.


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