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“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”

Proverbs 18:15, ESV

Continuing your education can be daunting, especially for adult students who have been out of the classroom for several years. You have to find a place where you feel comfortable, since so much of learning entails active discussion and debate. 

5 Benefits Of Christian Colleges

A Christian university can offer a unique experience for adults who wish to obtain a degree, but who don’t necessarily want to be surrounded by younger students seeking the ‘college experience.’ Here are just a few of the many benefits of an online program from a Christian university like Point.

1. You’re surrounded by like-minded individuals.

The people you meet and interact with at Point won’t share all of your viewpoints, but that’s what makes for lively and educational discourse. They will, however, share your core values: respect, responsibility, growth, and service. Your opinions and thoughts are always welcomed, and even if others disagree, you’ll never feel like the odd man out. Everyone is here for the same reason: to continue his or her education in an academically challenging, spiritually vibrant Christian community.

2. You’ll worry less about work-life balance.

One of our goals at Point University is to prepare students to focus on the needs of the church as they impact the world for Christ. We offer degrees in a variety of academic disciplines, including criminal justice, organizational leadership, and Christian ministries. Students at Point aren’t just looking for a ‘job;’ they have a calling – and when you are called to something, the lines between work and life tend to blur.

3. You aren’t just another student.

Each student at Point University is a messenger for Christ. You are special, and you have valuable gifts to share with the global community. The Center for Calling and Career is dedicated to helping you explore the ways in which you can use your gifts to transform the world. The administrators, faculty, and staff take our role as shepherds on this campus very seriously. We are committed to helping each and every student grow academically and spiritually.

4. You have opportunities to grow.

Point offers multiple worship and service opportunities to enhance the process of spiritual growth in our adult students. Small groups are central to our culture at Point University, and are a rich resource for your journey to spiritual maturity. Spiritual formation groups, spiritual discipline groups, and listening post groups can help you meet other adult students and engage with the community. The Hybrid Student Services Office also provides many opportunities for service.

5. We’re about more than academics.

A Christian university like Point takes a holistic approach to education. We’re not just nurturing your mind; we want you to grow socially, intellectually, and spiritually. This unified worldview is incorporated into everything we do, and you’ll receive a high-quality education that extends far beyond the classroom. The skills we value – like teamwork, accountability, and cooperation – are extremely sought-after in the working world, and a Christian education will help you develop these skills.

Whether you’re interested in ministry work, business, the sciences, or another field of research we offer, you’ll find that the benefits listed here will not only help you as an adult student, but also as you engage in your community after you receive your degree. We are honored to help nontraditional students undertake the next phase in their education, and our Christian values make us uniquely able to support them.

For nearly 80 years Point University has been educating students for Christ-centered service and leadership throughout the world. Many things have changed over the years, but two things have remained the same: our mission, and the fact that charitable giving has always been vital to the success of the University.
Through your giving, you can partner with Point University and help equip the next generation of Christian leaders to take the cross everywhere.

Learn more about all of the online programs offered by Point University and experience the benefits of attending a Christian college.