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Online degrees bring with them many advantages and opportunities to students, but four in particular apply to almost anyone thinking about starting or finishing a degree online. Online degree programs allow students further flexibility in scheduling by letting them take more classes when their schedule allows, and scale back to reduce their workload in the event that a job or family requires more time.

The Academic Advantage of Online Courses

Teachers can teach from anywhere, and students can learn from anywhere. This makes it easier for students to complete degrees in as short amount of time as possible, because they are not waiting on certain classes to be available in later terms. Online colleges are often able to offer more degree types and more courses in a given quarter or semester, both because of the demand from students, as well as the availability of part-time lecturers and professors who can teach the course.

The Financial Advantage of Attending an Accredited University with Online Programs

In general, the cost per credit hour for an online course is less expensive than taking a course in a traditional academic setting, such as on campus. Our online and hybrid programs are offered at a discounted rate compared to our traditional/residential program. For more information about tuition and fees, please visit:

Given the flexibility of online degree programs, most students can work – even in a full-time job – while taking one or more classes. Not only will you be paying less for your education, you will be making money to pay your bills while you earn your degree online.

The Personal Advantage of Online Courses

4 Advantages of Online Degree Programs | Point University Online For many students taking online college courses, this is the most important advantage. A large number of online students are working adults, in addition to being parents. Online courses allow maximum flexibility for people with busy schedules. Need to pick the kids up from soccer practice, then cook dinner? No problem. You can log on to you class later to complete your assignments. Going on a much-needed vacation with the family? That works too: just take your laptop, and you can keep up with your assignments in the morning before anyone else even wakes up. Maybe that does not sound like your ideal getaway, but if you are looking to complete your degree on a certain schedule while not sacrificing family time, you will be glad for the options that online degree programs offer.

The Professional Advantage of an Online Courses

A significant portion of students seeking online degrees are already working professionals. They know that having a “gap” in their resume may not look so good to a potential employer, even if the reason for the time off was to attend school. Now, with online college courses, a student does not need to choose. You can keep working, applying the lessons you are learning in the classroom day-by-day, all while earning a degree that could help you get a promotion and a raise.

Point University is a fully-accredited, not-for-profit university offering fully online degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. For students pursuing associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, Point offers the following programs:

To learn more about Point’s online undergraduate degree programs, please visit For graduate students, Point offers a Masters of Transformative Ministry Degree, as well as an MBA degree. To learn more about Point’s online graduate degree programs, please visit