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The qualities of a strong leader are easy to recognize but take work to cultivate in one’s professional life. Good leadership in the workplace inspires others to perform at their best, and inspires them to do their part to foster a culture of success among teammates and colleagues.

1. Motivate and Influence Others

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

A strong leader does more than issue commands that his or her followers execute. Good leadership sparks a desire in team members to work toward a goal and inspires them to take pride in each task and collaborate with others in a shared mission

2. Manage a Team

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

Teams work because each member brings different strengths and skills. Good team management involves recognizing each of those skills and assigning roles, helping each team member perform at his or her best.

3. Train and Encourage Self-Development

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

Thorough knowledge of a subject is not sufficient in today’s workplace. Leaders must possess the ability to train others and who understand the need to encourage personal and professional growth in order to achieve the best results.

4. Employee Recruitment

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

Studying Organizational Leadership at Point University will help you better understand what makes a good employee and what qualities make someone well-suited to work on a particular project or team.

5. Complex Problem-Solving

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

Dealing with people, especially in large corporations, can often bring about conflict. The best leaders understand how to be sensitive to the needs of individual employees while upholding  the demands of corporate guidelines.

6. Critical thinking

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

Data only goes so far in delivering information. A strong leader analyzes that information and helps make it accessible to his or her team.

7. Inspire Change with Communication

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

Communication is critical when it comes to leading and inspiring others. A good leader must know when and to whom to deliver messages, and the best leaders deliver know how to use communication to

8. Negotiation

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

Good leaders, particularly in the business world, must learn how balance the needs of his or her team with the limitations and boundaries of a given situation.

9. Time Management

10 Skills You Learn Studying Organizational Leadership

There are only so many hours in the workday. Managing time and tasks is one of the most important steps to being a successful leader and achieving any goal.

10. Strategy and Execution

Good leaders see the big picture and the steps required to complete a goal, and know how to motivate a team to reach it. The Organizational Leadership degree program at Point University will give you the knowledge and training to be a leader and achieve your professional goals.

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